Changing MIDI CC Input

Follow these steps to change the default MIDI CC input on the Organelle:

  1. Eject the USB drive in your Organelle and place it in a USB port on your computer.
  2. Download PureData on your computer if you have not already.
  3. Download mother.pd. A version of this file is always running on the Organelle and interfaces with every patch. To set your Organelle to receive MIDI CC controls of your choosing, a new mother patch must be created to override the built-in mother.pd.
  4. Move mother.pd into the patches folder on the Organelle drive:
  5. Open mother.pd in PureData.
  6. Click the MIDI sub patch labeled [pd MIDI]:
  7. Find the groups of objects in the top row that start with [ctlin 21 1], [ctlin 22 1], [ctlin 23 1], and [ctlin 24 1]:
  8. Edit the [ctlin 21 1] object to reflect your desired MIDI CC for Knob 1 on the Organelle. For example, if your MIDI CC of choice is 7, and your MIDI channel of choice is 4, change [ctlin 21 1] to [ctlin 7 4]:
  9. Save and close the patch.
  10. Eject the Organelle USB drive and test on the Organelle.

These tutorials rule, thank you.