Midi Out Weirdness

I used the Midi Out on a MiniDexed and the knobs are sending some midi data that makes the synth seemingly lock up on notes. Is there a way to limit the midi data not to include the knobs?

Not sure why sending MIDI CC messages would cause notes to ‘lock up’. You can stop CC messages from being sent from the Organelle if you edit the mother.pd file.

From the manual:

The mother.pd Helper Patch

mother.pd exists at the root (or top) directory of the Organelle, which is located on the microSD that comes preloaded within the Organelle hardware. This helper patch is the other half of the data handshake between the Pure Data patches we run and the Organelle’s hardware.

In short, this helper patch is executing the raw communications with the Organelle hardware. (This is done using the Open Sound Control [OSC] protocol.)

Accordingly, mother.pd is necessary for the general operation of the Organelle. That is why this patch is loaded concurrently with any patch that you call up.

NOTE: In general, you should not edit mother.pd. That being said, the Organelle will use any file named mother.pd that it finds within the Patches folder of your microSD card or USB drive. By copying the root directory’s mother.pd to your Patches folder, you could experiment with editing this patch while keeping the master version clean.

Once you have a copy of the mother.pd file, you can edit it so that the input connections to any [ctlout] objects are severed. This is an older post but the instructions starting at step #5 are relevant:

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