Changing MIDI CC Output

Follow these steps to change MIDI CC output on the Organelle:

  1. Eject the USB drive in your Organelle and place it in a USB port on your computer.
  2. Download PureData on your computer if you have not already.
  3. Download mother.pd. A version of this file is always running on the Organelle and interfaces with every patch. To set your Organelle to send MIDI CC controls of your choosing, a new mother patch must be created to override the built-in mother.pd.
  4. Move mother.pd into the patches folder on the Organelle drive:
  5. Open mother.pd in PureData.
  6. Click the MIDI sub patch labeled [pd MIDI]:
  7. Find the groups of objects in the bottom row that end with [ctlout 21 1], [ctlout 22 1], [ctlout 23 1], and [ctlout 24 1]:
  8. Edit the [ctlout 21 1] object to reflect your desired MIDI CC (or external parameter to control). For example, if your MIDI CC of choice is 7, and your MIDI channel of choice is 4, change [ctlout 21 1] to [ctlout 7 4]:
  9. Save and close the patch.
  10. Eject the Organelle USB drive and test on the Organelle.
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