How to edit and save Mother file?

Hello all,

How can i stop the Organelle responding to the midi controllers assigned to the knobs and aux button?
I have two controllers and a USB to midi interface connected to the Organelle.
They all are working great thanks to @thetechnobear advanced midi setup instructions.
I have midi in enabled (channel 16) and midi out enabled (channel1) in the midi settings.
A QuNeo controller is sending CC#22 on channel 4 to a Ditto 4X connected to the USB to midi interface and its working great, but the Organelle is also responding to that same CC and changing the patch settings even though its midi input settings is set to channel 16.

I tried editing inside the Mother “pd Midi” thing ( sorry i am not sure how its called ) an object called ctlin 22 by adding a 16 and it works but i can not save the changes.

Any suggestions?


if you don’t want ANY of the default midi mappings (including keyboard, knobs etc) then you can just disable midi IN. system->midi

if you want to keep the keyboard, but know the knobs, then you do need to edit mother.pd.
what you should then do is save it on the usb (or sdcard if you using) in a directory called System

this mother.pd will then be used for ALL patches.

IF you only want to do this for a particular patch, then you can save the mother.pd in the same directory as the patch, then it will only be used for that patch.

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Once again thanks @thetechnobear just edited and re saved the mother.pd in the System folder and its working.

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Hi there and sorry if I ask this at the wrong place. I have the original Organelle with OS 4.00. I would like to edit the mother.pd so that the keys are activated by midi notes or cc from an external midi controller. How can this be achieved?
I understand I need to edit the file /usbdrive/System/mother.pd but where do I find the file itself?

Any help will be much appreciated!
Best wishes,
Dr Mumago

The mother.pd is stored on the microSD card. It is located at /root/mother.pd . You can copy this file to the Patches folder.

However if you are only trying to send MIDI notes/CC to the Organelle, you don’t need to edit this file. The Organelle is designed to respond to and send MIDI information. Please see the Critter & Guitari Manual.

Thank you for the location! But what I mean is also: to control patches that require the physical keys to activate functions, submenus, etc., could I emulate those with midi cc for instance?