Chaos engine

hey y’all I’ve downloaded some visual patches that say you need to initialize the chaos engine to start it. I’ve looked all over and can’t find any info on how to do that.

Are these my patches? It should say to press AUX after like 2 seconds.

There is a little random guided meditation session if you follow along with the prompts.

Basically you just have to press AUX a bunch of times for the first time you run the program, wait a few seconds for the chaos engine to save, and then restart the patch.

The chaos engine is saved to memory after that and doesn’t require any conscious input, so you can just play right after starting the patch after completing this.

yessir. thanks for the quick response. for some reason I thought the patch produced visuals when connected to an external monitor but I see now thats only possible with the etc.

You might like to check this out…