Children Of Sample Patch Not Recording Properly

I’m trying to record a new sample for my Children of Sample patch on the Organelle M. So I hold AUX and press the key to start the recording through the built-in microphone. But it only appears to take the first half second or so of whatever I record, even though when I finish the text states the correct length of whatever I recorded (i.e. 5.4 seconds). The issue also isn’t with how the global settings are set or how they are set for a specific button. I do understand how those parameters work, and I can manipulate them to play the 10s default sample no problem. I think it’s just cutting off my recordings.

Has anyone run into this?

Yes, we just put an updated version of Children of Sample up:

This new version should fix that error you were having.


Awesome, this works great! So cool to see one of the C&G folks responding! Thank you!

I also love that I have the option to turn the monitor off. It’s really useful for the case where you’re using the embedded speaker and embedded mic. I think those Monitor parameters would be useful on any patch that takes sound inputs, so I don’t have to toggle mute every time I want to use the mic.

Thanks again :smiley:

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