Trouble using NoriSampler with Orac 2.0

I’m having a lot of fun with orac 2.0. Thank you for that patch!

Today, I tried a simple setup: NoriSampler on a1 with my guitar plug-in. I turned up the inL on chain A and I recorded a 20 seconds sample. When I pressed and hold the keys to play the sample, I just hear the first 5 seconds of my sample and silence till the end of the sample. It doesn’t play all the sample duration even if speed is at 100%, modulation 0%, start 0% and duration 100%.

Also, I switch on the kit-2, came back on kit-1 and the sample that I just record was short (like 1 sec).

I retried those to thing again but I had the same problem.

Is it normal?

Thank a lot for your help!

(I’m using organelle-1)


it’s the same for me (i’m using the M) so i think it’s a bug but i didn’t try to figure it out yet. Actually i don’t know if there’s any sampler module capable of directly recording from the line input…