Chordie - Chord Player for 201 Pocket Piano

Howdy folks!
Happy to introduce my latest patch for the 201: Chordie!

Chordie was built upon elements of C&G’s ChordGenerator, which enables the user to play chords with one key. Unlike ChordGenerator however, it’s a pattern mode, meaning it can be used with any polyphonic synth mode. Choose the type of chord with the upper 8 keys, and then hear it by playing the root note on the lower 12 keys. By default the 8 chord types are loosely based on the 7 modes of the major scale, but these can be edited using the .txt file within the patch folder.

Chordie only generates chords using key presses from the native 201 keyboard; it does not generate chords based on external midi input or the internal sequencer. However, notes generated by Chordie can be recorded into the sequencer, and external midi notes are still affected by latch/transposition settings and passed through to Chordie’s output.

One last thing; currently Chordie will only work properly if loaded into pattern slot 2. The specific slot is easily editable within the patch. If anyone knows how to identify which slot the patch is in from within pd then please respond to this post; that little bit of info should be all I need to sort this out.

Enjoy! :slight_smile: