Chord progression patch

I use Propellerhead Reason as my DAW. One of its players, chords, lets you choose from many chord progression based on styles and genres that you pick from two menus. I want to turn this into a PD patch for my organelle m so that I can use the midi out from organelle to trigger chords and chord progression that would be determined by different keys on the organelle.

I’ve never really programmed in PD, and the most useful thing I can do is continue to ask chat GPT for help :rofl:

If anyone knows how I can do something like this please help!

Im working on a sequencer in orac that might be helpful. It will allow you to choose a root note and its extensions and sequence them up to 64 steps. Its still in earlier testing with lots of bugs but I hope to finish it soon. Maybe you want to look at MuChord and see if that is close enough for what you are trying to do

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Have you tried out the Chordi patch?

The chord notes are sent out via MIDI. This video is queued up to show notes playing on external synth:


I have tried it and as cool as it is, it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I’m basically trying to not buy a Roland J-6. Because that’s basically what I want.