Clean video stream of Organelle OLED

Hey everyone. I’m wondering if anyone has found a way to get a video stream of the Organelle OLED screen? I’m hoping that I can find a way to capture some video for possible streams in the future rather then having a camera on it

Not via the OLED screen per se as this is a hardware (I am guessing I2C) connection. The text and graphics sent to the screen, however, are handled in pure data (sent from the active patch to the mother patch for processing and conversion?).

Depending on how much hacking and programming you are willing to do you might be able to add some pure data GEM objects to your mother patch which will create a graphic window and display the screen data via HDMI.

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Thanks! That definitely helps point me in the right direction!

Another suggestion would be to program a solution that sent the messages that gets sent to the OLED screen out over OSC via a wired USB ethernet adapter. Then you could have a patch on your streaming computer that displayed those messages.


Not sure how helpful this is or you might already know and tried but…in the Norns community there is a mod called “ndi mod” that lets you stream your Norns screen to your phone or OBS, resolume, Max, etc. Obviously two different devices but if you’re already making patches and modules maybe you can find some code in the mod that can be useful?