Combined Audio/MIDI recorder patch?

I’m looking for a “music sketchbook” type patch that would allow me to simultaneously record audio (using either built-in mic or line input) and MIDI (either from organelle directly or from an attached MIDI device), and save the audio file and midi file out as a matched pair (e.g. “recording1.wav” and “recording1.midi”).

I imagine using this in the following way – I’m noodling around on one of my instruments when I come up with a cool bassline, set of chord changes, drum pattern, etc. I want to “jot this idea” down to come back to it later – what better way than to have a recording of the audio (maybe prefaced with a quick spoken note about what I like about it) and the accompanying MIDI note data.

Does something like this already exist? I didn’t have any luck finding an equivalent on