USB Midi Keyboard Hub - New Patch

I have a feeling there must be a patch already, but as I couldn’t find it I wrote this. Very simple, plug a USB Midi keyboard into the Organelle, and standard MIDI out cable to your hardware synth.

Set the output channel, octave up/down, transpose and play.

I’ve sent the ‘pitch bend’ out as well. And there’s a handy feature for when the notes get stuck on - as they do in midi. Hold the Aux button and it sends ‘0’ velocity i.e. note off to every note.


This is a very cool tool! :smiley: Great work!

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Thanks Bly. The simplest patch in the world, but handy and I’m using it a lot at the minute.

I might spice it up with a neat midi recorder that I wrote on PC at the minute - it’s a free-form (non quantised) but the trick is you can set an exact bpm and note length e.g. 16 quarter notes at 120 bpm - so you can record/loop in the moment to match a track exactly without having to send it midi clock and all that.

Problem with the usual seq3 looper on Organelle is that it’s free-running without clock sync so you have to be super-exact with hitting the end of the loop, like with a looper pedal.

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what have you used for your midi recorder / looper?. (coll/tables/text) Is it polyphonic? .

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Hi, greetings back.

It uses a table, and currently monophonic. Although the if the receiving synth is polyphonic it would play overlapping notes.

It’s quite simplistic, for instance it sends notes with a fixed length (variable by knob though) but I’ve found it useful musically for live playing.

That’s How I’m doing it now in my patch (more or less…). patches I have done experiments with coll in order to have polyphony and also “unquantized recording” & to be able to store the sequences as text but I started experiencing crashes in the organelle so I abandoned that idea…

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That patch looks fab, much more sophisticated than my midi looper I will try it for sure! Thanks!

The key thing for me is being able to dial in an exact loop length in X beats at an integer tempo Y, as I’m using it to accompany other tracks.

Rather than add my simple looper to this patch, I may instead just add a midi clock out function. Then I can do the phrases and arpeggios at the synth end. That would use up my remaining 4th knob without having to go to a multi-page patch.