Organelle "integrated" 4-Track-Recorder

Ahoy everybody!

I was wondering if there would be a possiblity to create a „main“ 4-track recorder for the Organelle? Just like as a bulit-in feature in the settings menu. This would be so awesome. I already know Picostudio etc. but I’m missing several features there and I thought this could go way further.

So that’s what I thought about: You can choose any patch you like on your Organelle and then you’ll start the „internal“ 4-track-recorder to record all sounds from the Organelles output to a chosen track. Sounds simple but I guess it is not?

Possible features of the recorder could be:

-start and stop all 4 tracks simultaneously

-start and stop only selected tracks

-Modes of the play button: rewind, forward, play, stop, record, overdub, delete

-adjust the speed and volume of each track

-adjust (crop) recorded tracks in their lenght

-adjust the playback mode of each track (you can play them as a loop forever and ever or just as a one-shot)

-select the playmode for each track and toggle between „normal“ (just simple forward) or „reverse“

-save the final recording to the Organelles memory and also export to your computer

But sadly I’m not into programming as this idea goes far beyond my abilities anyway. But I thought this rough concept could work as an impulse to anybody here around that is familiar with programming, looking for a new and exciting project to bring the organelles possibilities to a new level (again). :slight_smile:

I know this recorder must contain some kind of „toggle menu“, so that you can just toggle between your patch and the recorder at any time.

I’m still not done with thinking and I know it’s very rough but I wanted to share my thoughts with you to see if there’s a chance to implement such a crazy thing.

Ideas, help, suggestions, optimizations, etc. and support are very welcome! Would be so much fun, to create songs and ideas on the fly just only „out of the box“.

Attached you’ll find a few charts and notes to explain my vision a bit more clearly.





Thanks for working on this, the graphics look cool. It would be great to have an internal 4 track recorder that operated at the global level. It should be possible to do this in theory, but the hardest thing would be figuring out how to interact with it… a lot of patches take control of the encoder and display, so the only way to get back to the global 4 track would be to navigate back to the home menu which might get annoying. But with some more thought, maybe there is a solution that would work!