Combining beats and pieces with sample style patch

Hi. Unfortunately I know nothing about PD so am hoping someone can help me out :slight_smile: i’d love to be able to play both drums and synth sounds at the same time. but the drum sounds are great if i just have to quickly hit them once, and they sound as long as the audio file. on the other hand, the synth sounds should sound only as long as i keep the button pressed down. so basically it’s a combination of beats and pieces and sample style patch. keys 1-12 could react to one patch and 13-24 the other patch. does anyone know about a patch like this that has already been made? i wasn’t able to find anything on patchstorage… thanks a lot!

Hi @Chindess

Have you seen ?
Keyboard’s lower octave controls the samples. The upper octave controls the synth.

Also, you can do a lot with the sampler and synth voices with the Three Tracks patch:

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