Simple sample-player

is there something existing like a simple sample-player for the organelle, which just provides the capability that several samples can be triggered by several keys/notes, I mean sample1 is triggered by a C1, sample2 by C#1 et cetera … probably quite easy to build in pd, but my pd-skills are too rudimentary for doin’ it till next week (concert) :slight_smile:

or maybe someone can point me to an existing patch, which is closest to what I need …

thanks + best
stefan geissler

hallo stefan,

Sampler Style & Sampler Style REC could be used as a starting point.
nice to hear that you also got an organelle…


hi joerg, thank you. indeed “sampler style” is a good starting point … probably I will kind of merge some of the existing patches to meet my requirements.


You can also check out the Beats & Pieces patch:

Each key plays a .wav file and the ‘aux’ button starts and stops a backing track…You can easily swap out files with your own sounds.
Download here:

that sounds nice!! thanks a lot.

“bit & pieces” is great. would be nice to have the backingtrack loopable and maybe including some kind of filter for the backing track would be fine and the patch would become even more fun !! (cannot figure out who is the author of this patch [!?])

wow beats and pieces is amazing!