Keyboard sampler


I am looking for a traditional keyboard style sampler. i.e. sample a sound, trim the sample length and then play across the keys with standard adsr controls. Sadly iOS is sadly lacking in this so wondered if my Organelle was up to the task - are there any existing patches that offer this or that could be tweaked (a little).

I would normally have been up to trying to do this myself by not used Pd in about a year and I am so incredibly rusty and not got time at the moment to get back into it.



Orac modules sampletwig or polytwig (from @WyrdAl’s github repository) seem like good options. They have lots of looping options, reverse playback, adjustable start and end points. The envelope is symmetrical so not adsr but you could tweak it. No audio in>sample but uses the same folder as the standalone samplenest patch do you could use that to sample then move to the Orac modules to play with them.


Also, the new sampler style patch from c&g could be a good shout too!


Cool, will check them out, although not keen on using Orac.

What sampler style patch is that?


Ah, why so?
On patchstorage at the moment there is a pack of c&g patches using a beta for ‘seq 3’. In this pack there is a new sampler style patch which features live switchable kits, a midi time quantised sequencer, sample recording, knob motion sequencing. It uses separate samples for each key though, so perhaps more apt for drums.


I prefer using patches that I understand and not gotten my head around Orac yet. Also, there are too many possibilities and I am easily distracted, much prefer simplicity! Might have to dive in though.

Thanks, will check it out although it may not suit what I am after.