Computer keyboard issues with Mother Desktop

I’ve downloaded Mother Desktop and opened the ‘basic poly’ patch in it, the patch seems to load correctly and when I click on the aux or key boxes in the widow it responds well and the colors and sounds of the aux box change accordingly to the patch.
But… First my computer keyboard was not working because of my language settings (french keyboard, ‘azerty’ instead of ‘qwerty’) so I changed it to the american one, then only the aux button worked (the 1 key), so i went inside the [pd keyboard_keys] window in Mother Desktop and connected a number after the ‘1’ message of some keys (2,3…) to see if it received anything when I played them and it did, so the keyboard settings are good and the patch receives messages but still no sound… And then the 3 (second D#) suddenly worked like it was missing MIDI messages or receiving wrong ones, note kept playing forever (with no release), another note played on top etc…
I looks like nobody wrote about issues like that before, if somebody can help i would really appreciate !


i have not looked at that patch but i think it’s really only made to simulate patches and does not make sound itself where did you download it from?

I’m not sure I understand… It’s the ‘Basic Poly’ synth patch from Critter & Guitari

as far as Ive used desktop mother, its only good for a bit of testing of patches…
the fact that the screen display is not accurately reflected, and the encoder is not really coded up, means its of seriously limited use…

this is why I created my OscProxy as I got fed up with its quirks.

creating a full Desktop Emulation is becoming now harder, with the next release of the Organelle there are graphics primitives, so this will not be possible to realistically emulate in PD, and frankly a non-trivial task (but not impossible) to emulate in a Juce C++ app.

so my advice:
try OscProxy… see if you can figure that out, if not, then what I did before was simply develop on the Organelle… depending on your setup/skils, you can either use keyboard+hdmi monitor, X windows, VNC… there really is a lot of options :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot it looks really usefull ! And I would need the Organelle connected to the laptop right ?
I’ve read topics about issues between Pd Extended and Vanilla and it’s probably the reason why I struggle.
I really don’t have much skills and understanding of all this so I’m probably not getting it right but I just can’t understand why there is no easy and simple way of running those patches on a laptop since the Organelle is just a tiny cpu running a program… Maybe you can help.
Thanks again anyway, I’ll try to run OscProxy soon !