Connect to any HDMI screen?

Sorry for the obvious question!
Currently I don’t have much knowledge or experience with video formats or connections so I wanted to double check.
I am planning on picking up a cheap HDMI monitor to be able to view my ETC on as my initial idea of using it with my Apple monitor (with an HDMI to DVI cable) doesn’t work.
Am I able to use any HDMI screen with it?
The ones I have been looking at have a resolution of 1920X1080.
In another thread on here @oweno mentions that "the HDMI output is limited to 720p60 for software reasons"
Does this mean that I have to get a HDMI monitor that I can set to that resolution for it to work?
Or it will it just work if I connect it with the HDMI monitor being set at 1920X1080?

Sorry once again for what are probably obvious questions but the manual only mentions
"Connect the HDMI Out port to a powered-up HDMI® monitor."

We’ve heard about some trouble with HDMI to DVI adapters, so we suggest native HDMI monitor or projector. Any monitor that handles 1920x1080 should also be capable of 720. This is a pretty affordable one:

Ok thanks for the clarification!

Allright I took the plunge and bought the ETC. It arrived today with a HDMI to VGA adapter. But it is not working. I wanted to connect it to an old tv with a VGA input. But it is not connecting. I read this topic too late apparently. Or is there anyone who’s got it working. Cause I wanted to use this old TV because of the odd colors it has (and it looks retro :wink: ) I know it will work on an HDMI monitor or TV, didn’t tried it just now because I don’t have one, but I want the old tv…

Let me know!

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Hey @YloopZ

I just got my Organelle today and I am having the same issue here. I am trying to connect the Organelle to an older display, that only has VGA input. I am using a HDMI > VGA adapter, but Organelle doesn’t recognise the display. But as soon as I connect Organelle to a HDMI display without the HDMI > VGA adapter it works straight away. But I could only use that display for a quick test, so it would be really nice to be able to use the HDMI > VGA set up. I might have to add that this is one of the cheaper HDMI > VGA converters, that doesnt need power. There are some more expensive ones that needs power too.

I have actually use the same display and same HDMI > VGA cable for my Pi3 and it works fine. So I think it should be possible to get this working in some way.

@oweno, have you tested HDMI > VGA cables for the Organelle?


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I have been having the same problems as I have been using VGA in my setups to daisy chain projectors thru VGA. I have been using a really great solution.

HDMI to VGA Adapter CableCreation 6$ fix

however, I did run into a micro USB powering problem that took some OLFA XACTO SKILLS and SUGRU to get everything to fit. If you’re hooking up a midi controller you’ll need a hub.


but yay! :crazy_face: I can now go (compactly) out directly to VGA from the Critter!

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Going back to the opening post: To my knowledge there are three types of DVI. DVI-A transfers analog signals, DVI-D transfers the signal with a digital technique and DVI-I is an system that transfers both methods on the same connector. Unfortunately you can recognize the type only at the connector side, but not on the socket side. So you won’t know whether a monitor is expecting the digital signal or the analog signal. (see
On the other side, HDMI to DVI adapters will always use a DVI-I pinout, which looks like it is able to transfer analog, but will deliver only digital, as HDMI is a digital interface.

The organelle and it seems ETC too, require powered adapters (5v USB standard) to supply to VGA, DVI and even a few HDMI devices I think. You can get them super cheap as @FatBlood has shown. Grab one and enjoy :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, I think I saw that you posted about it somewhere else. But thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:

I am having a down period regarding Organelle. I am starting to think that I might have bought one that might have been dropped on the floor or something. It have been behaving a bit strange since I got it.

I have an unoriginal power supply, but if I as much as touch the power supply or the cable, it restarts Organelle. And on top of that USB card rarely works. I have to plug it in/out and then into another computer and then back into organelle… And then it works maybe 4 out of 10 times. Argh, just too much hassle. I guess I am going to start with switching out the PSU and the USB-card and see if that helps. Hopefully soon, so I can get back into patching :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that man. Have you contacted C&G?

I haven’t cause I bought it second hand. I dont think its their responsibility. And I think I need to change those 2 things to see if that helps. I have read in the forum that some one else also had connection issues with the white USB-card. In my cases it has went pretty extreme over the last month or so,. So I’ll start with trying that out and see if that helps.

Two days after i got mine, that white thing got into my “museum” ; simply get a branded USB stick or go SDcard only :wink:

Yeah, that sd-card only also sounds nice. Maybe I should do some forum searching for this solution, seems like its probably the best in the long run. I need wifi for sd-card only setup, right?

I just follow @thetechnobear steps here:

If I remember correctly, just display+keyboard+mouse…

@Jaffasplaffa , ouch doesn’t sounds like your having much luck with hardware.

usb, yeah try a new branded stick, if that has same issues, try each usb port, seems unlikely both would have hardware failure.

psu, i use an unbranded one, no issues, as long as its centre pin +ve, 9v dc, min 1a, shouldn’t be an issue - hopefully your issue is on the psu side…
if not, i suspect you (or a friend) could probably just reflow the solder joints on the DC jack, which may have come loose.

sd card setup and usage , you can either use via keyboard/hdmi or via wifi.

however, i think sd card + wifi is the best solution, since you can then use the ‘web server’ in the organelle to transfer patches, which is quick and simple.

for me, i was concerned, about the physical/mechanical wear, on the usb jack by constantly taking the usb stick in and out , every time you add a patch.

(you could also just add wifi, and use a branded usb stick, and again do all transfers via wifi)

p.s. a mod might want to move this conversation, as its got a bit off-topic, esp. since its in the ETC category :wink:


Yeah, I had a couple of self inflicted issues, but organelle have acted a bit strange since I got.

I really hope I can sort if by updating some of the “extras”, like PSU and USB-card :slight_smile:

So ill find the threads again and look them through soon, I think all the info I need is all ready here.

Thanks guys!

Yes mod, also fine with me. Sorry for the OT…

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what were the issues you ran into power wise? by the looks of things both powersources are in the way of each other? is that right or did you have to solder anything? I’ve been looking for a solution like this so thanks for the post!