Organelle M trouble syncing with Korg Volca Bass

Hello! I’m fairly new to synths and midi in general, so it’s possible I’m missing something obvious but I’ve read many manuals and forum posts and just can’t figure this out!

I want to sync up my Organelle M with a Volca Bass. When I connect the midi out from the Organelle to the sync in of the Volca Bass, the Volca receives a pulse but it goes super fast. This same thing happens when I connect the Organelle to my PO-33.

I tried using a 1/8" to 5-pin midi adapter to connect to the midi in on the Volca, but this didn’t seem to do anything. I made sure that the Organelle was set up to send out to the same channel that the Volca was set to receive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The Volca Bass Sync In jack is not designed for MIDI input. (MIDI is a digital control, Sync is analog.) From the Volca Bass Manual:


Use these jacks with the included cable to connect the volca bass to a monotribe or other compatible equipment, such as an analog sequencer, and synchronize them. The SYNC OUT jack sends a 5 V pulse of 15 ms at the beginning of each step. If the SYNC IN jack is connected, the internal step clock will be ignored and the volca bass sequencer will proceed through its steps according to the pulses that are input to this jack.

There are two types of TRS-MIDI adapters. The Organelle M requires Type ‘A’. Which type is your adapter?

Ohhhh I see! I think my adapter is type B, which explains the trouble there. Thank you for your help!