Midi Syncing Organelle

I recently bought a Korg Volca FM and have been having a blast with it. A problem I have encountered though is the midi connectivity. When, for example, using the PolyBeats patch with the Volca I can get the tempo to sync just fine but the Organelle keys are still triggering notes on the Volca. Every time a key is triggered in PollyBeats the corresponding key on the Volca is triggered as well. The Volca has a MIDI in port but it’s tempo syncing is generally done through an 8th" input and output.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

That sounds ‘normal’ (depending on your settings). The Polybeats patch will send MIDI notes out to downstream devices if the Organelle is configured to do so. What are your Organelle’s MIDI settings? What are the MIDI settings of the Volca? If you change the Organelle’s MIDI send channel to something different from the Volca’s receive channel, the Volca should not ‘hear’ the incoming MIDI notes.

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