Connecting organelle to any of the volga series via midi

Howdy all.

I have just got my hands on the Volca keys and volca bass and I cannot wait ti connect them to my organelle.

The trouble is i have never done anything like this. I have zero midi knowledge or understanding.

Canned the forum but nothing seems to be a simple an explanation as i need.

I have a usb to midi cable but really don’t know how best to check midi channels and get them to speak to one another.

Help please

So you want to send data (sequencing) from your organelle to the volca Aka organelle MIDI master/volca MIDI slave.
First be sure to have a correct midi/USB cable (check on the forum for reference).
Then look at the manual to have "MIDI in on " on the volca and chose the good MIDI chanel.
For organelle MIDI configuration forum/manual is pretty clear.
Orac is probably the best way to try to sequence your volca.
It’s not difficult and you won’t break anything. Have a look on the forum and try ! Have fun

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The manual has some handy and simple enough suggestions when it comes to midi setup. This C&G video is nice too:

As tonyB said, just check that the MIDI channels are the same in the organelle as in the volcas. I belive they are defaulted to channel 1on the volcas and the organelle but you can change this in the organelle settings by going to the top menu where you can shut it down/ eject flash drive, etc. There should be an option for MIDI configuration.

with that said, with your current setup, you could send MIDI from organelle to either volca through the usb-MIDI cable that you have and keep both volcas’ tempo in sync through the CV ins and outs but you would only be able to control one volca at a time. In order to control more than one device at a time you need to get a MIDI controller and / or a MIDI hub. Also keep in mind that different Organelle patches behave differently with MIDI and the way you would want to set everything up depends on the nature of the patch

The only electronic instruments I own are volcas and the organelle (and my DAW I guess) So i know exactly where you are coming from. I hook them together with a midi controller ( arturia keylab) which acts as a sort of hub. I send midi from the keylab to the organelle through a regular usb cable and midi to the volcas through 5 pin midi and keep them in sync through CV. Sometimes I let the Keystep have the master clock or sometimes I have the volca sample send the tempo through CV into the keystep and into the organelle.

Just have fun and plug your stuff together, something cool ought to happen

P.S dear forum, correct me if I’m wrong in any of this.

Thank you so much chap! And indeed to @TonyLB.

I think I had the clock synced with the Metronome patch last night but now today its being evasive again.

Really want to get this beauty rolling with ORAC so can’t wait to get it sorted.

1 question…what does CV mean? haha

CV = control voltage is the analog way to control synths/drummachines by sending variable voltages instead of the digital bits and bytes as sent in MIDI. You find it a lot in modular synths.

What pet3r said AKA the “sync in” “ sync out” 1/8” jacks you’ll find in your volcas

Also what patches have you used so far?