Can the Organelle M handle a huge patch like...?

Hi guys,
I am building a patch in puredata on my computer that is basically a sampler/sequenceretty much covers most of the features of an akai MPC:

  • mutiple pads, 4 banks
  • trimming loaded sounds
  • playback speed
  • creating/copying/deleting sequences per track
  • 48PPQ sequencer (not the typical 16 step)
  • exporting track to wav file
  • etc…

I was wondering if such a patch could fit in an organelle M…?
Is it possible to assign multiple parameters to the knobs and have multiple menus and menu pages ? For instance a page for the sample editing another one for the sequence/song editing and another for the exporting/importing options…Then a submenu to change the sample playback speed with a knob and another submenu to change to volume with the same knob… Meaning one knob can change mutiple parameters depending on the menu…etc…

My other option is to build my own device to host the pd patch but that’s a lot of work…

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The Organelle (M) can already do many of this with Orac so it surely can do it with another patch. The M even have more power to do so but you would have to multi-process your patch with pd~ objects… isn’t Orac easier/better to work on instead ?

there’s one annoying thing about loading banks/samples i don’t know how to avoid is that it makes the audio out to freeze… (i tried multi-processing but didn’t help), but it looks like nothing is impossible on pure data, good luck :v:

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I really dont wanna use ORAC… I want to have everything I need in a single patch… I’m not too worried about the pd patch… I’m more worried about the Organelle being able to handle it … especially the RAM part…


Hello forum, longtime lurker, first time poster here…

I’m currently developing something quite similar as @djimon wants to do.
An extensive 12-track sampling groovebox for the Organelle,
which I hope to finish at the end of this year and will then hopefully release in january '20 (for free of course).

I’ve started this project as a complete Pure Data/Organelle novice just before ORAC1 was even released, so…2 years ago :smile:

yeah it comes a long way when I will release it and it was a very hard and frustating but also funny and engaging learning process so far, I still feel like a pure data noob who’s sometimes still struggling with kinda basic things.

back on topic: I’m developing this patch on the Organelle 1 (!), it’s working, but on idle you already have like 40% cpu, and you quickly run into cpu spikes, when you’re using all 12 tracks, or lots of polyphony, very short sample loop points and complex fx, but it’s definitly usable (so far) even on the organelle1,
so yeah, I image you can do a lot more on the organelle m, especially when using pd~ and clever switching on/off of voices via switch~ (this is what I’m doing right now on the organelle1).

It also depends on the complexity, efficiency and feature set of your patch,
are you using tabread4, tabread or disk streaming objects for sampleplayback, phasor~, line~ or vline~ to scan through the table,
are you using mono or stereo, will each voice have its own adsr envelope, polyphony, what about the filters/effects, simple lop~ filters or analog modeling like biquad filters and so on…

The next problem is the navigation on the organelle, you have to find a way to make usable and accessible multiple pages which load and save different knob values.
I’m using the saving/recalling of parameters of the “multi-page template” with aux+key button combinations to access each sampler track, it works fine, but the usability could be better (no labels on the keys :wink: ).

I would like to show my patch right now, but I’m currently rebuilding the sample loading / recording process, so it’s not really presentable at the moment, maybe in 2 or 3 weeks I can post some kind of test version.

And who knows, maybe I’m doing exactly the patch right now you want to build yourself, a high quality standalone sampler with musical and creative sample editing possibilities and playing options.
This is what I’ve missed when I started my project.

As a side note, these are/will be the specs of my upcoming sampler patch (vaporware as we speak, I know :wink: ), most of these things are working, but I still have lots of things to do:

  • The patch will be a 12 track polyphonic sampler for the organelle with sequencing, multifx, midi and many sound mangling options.
  • Each of the 12 tracks can access a sample from the 36ish patch-wide sample slots (loaded into the RAM/tables).
  • These 36 sample slots can be filled via a custom file browser (with sub folder browsing) or can of course also be recorded into (with ThresholdRec and Resampling).
  • Each Track can be played chromatically (up to 8 voices of polyphony on each track)
  • Or it can be played via different playmodes: you can trigger all 36 sample slots on separate keys on each track (for easy multisampling), there will be some kind of slice mode
  • and even some kind of graincloud mode, there’s still a lot of work to do.
  • Each track has over 24 soundparameters, from sample slot selection to sample start point, end point, loop point, different loopmodes, transpose, a full adsr, a multimode filter (lp, hp, bp, notch), fxgroup routing, choke groups.
  • All parameters are accessible via a corresponding midi cc, and each track can be played with a midi keyboard on 12 different midi channels, too
  • I’ve build my own realtime sequencer based on the coll object, which has 96ppq resolution, can record sequences up to 32 bars, with or without quantize, has an undo function,
  • a track erase function, a length-duplicate function and trackmutes for performing.
  • Midi Sync / Ableton Link Sync
  • there is a master multifx bus, where you can choose one effect at a time from 24 new effect algorithms, most of them copied from various libraries, you then can select and play these effects via the organelle keys and adjust them via the knobs.
  • I will also integrate 2-3 fx groups, to whose you can route your tracks audio separatly and you will have the option to chain them together to use it as a effects box…
  • You can copy track settings to other tracks and you can copy sequences to other sequences
  • From some of these elements I will do orac modules, the multifx unit and hopefully the 8-voice-tracksampler itself especially.

So, as you see, a very extensive feature set, I take cues from every sampler I liked, When it’s done, it will be somewhere between a electribe2s, Samplr on IOS, a digitakt, a blackbox, a sp404 and of course a mpc500/1000.

Sorry for the long post… :wink:


I’m no expert but the M has 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A53 (Quad-core; 64-bit), 1GB RAM, 4GB SDcard allocation for patches. The 1994 MPC3000 has max 32mb (<6min)sample memory. It’s not a fair comparison because the MPC would have been compiled C, and the 'M is running linux and Pd, but you still have orders of magnitude of extra space and power.

More importantly your patch sounds awesome and I want to try it :wink:
Kind regards

Ahhhh thanks… You just made my day lol… I’m using tabread~ and an external for the phasor (not the regular phasor instance) … If your patch can fit into the Organelle 1, then there’s no doubt that mine will fit into the Organelle M :slight_smile:
I wont have any FX in it … just sampling and sequencing…or maybe looping.


The patch sounds amazing! I’m hype for release!

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This sounds great ! Any update on this?

Concering the advanced sampler patch from my last post, yes, I’m still working on it. But I didn’t have much time in the last weeks, so it only goes forward in baby steps :frowning: My time plan in my last post was a bit too optimistic, sorry for that!

But I hope to release the patch in summer (2020 :wink:). I’ve finished the recorder and browser functions, but I still have to build most of the alternative playmodes for each sample-track, adding different fx abstractions, optimizing/simplifying interface, sequencer and navigation and of course squashing some evil bugs…

If there’s something to show, I will post it here on the forum or on patchstorage. Wish me luck… :wink:


Thank you for the update! :grinning: and good luck!

Excited for this! I only recently bought an organelle and have barely done anything with it yet, it’s really cool seeing how much people have done for it so far! I hope one day to be able to contribute something back too.

msg me when you have time

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Were any of you able to release these patches?

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