A few random beginners questions

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

In the coming weeks I will be receiving my very own Organelle. I’ve been getting so excited looking at the crazy list of user-made patches, there’s just so much exciting stuff to dive into! I just have a few scattered thoughts/questions which I didn’t know where to put, so I have selfishly made my own thread.

  1. Is it possibly to simultaneously use the Organelle as a sound processor and synth? The idea I have in mind is to use one chain of Orac as an fx processor for my voice etc, while another chain could be sequencing and creating other sounds from within the Organelle, is this something that is possible? (btw Orac looks like the best thing ever).

  2. Is there a consensus around here for what’s the best pairings to the Organelle for extra knobbidge? The Midi Fighter Twister looks promising.

  3. I’m just starting to dip my toes into Pure Data, is this a recommended place to start for a complete beginner to coding? So far it’s all feeling a bit overwhelming and a bit like a lost cause, especially considering how much great content is already available on the Organelle…

yeah, you can do that with orac. you just have to watch the cpu load if you’re using both a poly synth and a lot of fx, because it becomes easy to max out the cpu. Afa more control I got the korg nanokontrol bc it’s known to work and it’s cheap/portable. Knobs on it I think are good, faders less good, but still… o.k.

Pure data while I myself am just beginning to understand it (I’m pretty much a complete beginner to coding too) is just a very powerful tool. You might have a patch that does everything you want, except for one thing. Often, you can often add that one thing to it, it’s just a matter of knowing how.


Thanks for the reply TheDeadFarmer, that’s awesome to hear that you can use like that, the more I learn about this the more I wonder why everyone doesn’t have one, it seems like such an amazingly capable thing… That nanokontrol looks like a pretty good option too.

Somehow I hadn’t thought of altering already made patches… That gives me some motivation to keep the studies going. I was playing around with automatonism last night and noticed you can hook up the Organelle to use as a controller and it got me wondering, is there any way to load pre-made automatonism patches into the organelle to play with away from the computer?

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hmm I’m not familiar with automatonism, but guessing if they’re written in pure data it shouldn’t be hard, once you know/decide how to make it work with the organelle’s hardware.

It’s a modular synthesizer environment that runs in pure data, it’s a lot of fun to play with but come to think of it might not make sense on the Organelle anyway…

I think the UI aspects of automatonism don’t ‘make much sense’ for the Organelle,
but Im sure it’s still useful for building patches for users that are unfamiliar with PureData,
and Im pretty sure you’d be able still hook the Organelle UI and hardware into relevant parts of it…
so as such, the end result is users wouldn’t know/care if it was automatonism or plain PD.

my only ‘fear’ might be that as its designed to run on a desktop computer, it might not generate particularly efficient patches, so on the more limited hardware (Organelle/rPI) it might not be that desirable - which is why Ive not looked into it any further.

however, thats just a fear/assumption , as Ive never used it, or experimented with it on the Organelle - I dont know this - it might be perfectly fine - so if its something your interested in, why not give it a go!

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@Patrick did a couple of patches demonstrating that it works with the Organelle - only thing is there is no info sent to the organelle screen from the automatonism patch by default so unless you can write a display menu yourself you are fairly restricted in terms of patch depth (only 4 parameters and no visual feedback). However - you could totally copy one of the menu templates from patchstorage and use it in automatonism :slight_smile:

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@thetechnobear That’s a great idea to use it as a tool to create more stand-alone type patches! But ya I hadn’t thought of the need to make efficient patches… Hopefully that is a non-issue.
It would be a fun project to try and port the automatonism 2op-fm (2 operator phase modulation oscillator) to the Organelle, especially as there is only 2 main controls (ratio/index), maybe the 2 other knobs could act as attenuators for Randomlog style random voltages to ratio/index… I’m getting way ahead of myself.

Also, thank you Mark(and others like you) for all the work you have done/are doing for this community, it’s a big part of why I’m buying an Organelle and am hoping to one day contribute myself.

@Wannop Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know about these menu templates… I wonder though, if a patch doesn’t really need much visual feedback if it’s possible to program the screen to act as an oscilloscope… That might be a useful thing for my patch idea ^above.

Getting ahead of myself again though… I don’t even have my Organelle yet :weary: