Context & Organelle

I’m sure many of you noticed this already, but there’s a new sequencer “platform” for PD called Context:

I haven’t tried it out yet, but leafed through the documentation last night – it’s quite interesting. Anybody have any thoughts on how it could work together with Organelle (and Orac)?

Ive not played with it yet… but seems pretty heavily GUI based , no? is that useful on an Organelle?

as for making it work, it wont work out the box, because it doesn’t ship with pre-build arm externals.
however, he is very good at listing whats needed, to it’d be quite easy to track down the externals source, and compile.
(and many of the externals have already been compiled for the organelle for other patches)

so definitely possible, question is how much use is it… ?!
(I’ll probably go check it out at some point, as lots of good things being said about it)

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