ContinuuCon at IRCAM-Paris April 26-28, 2018

Spreading the word; everything about Haken Continuum!

On a personal note, fortunate me, myself and my Organelle will also perform Live - concert
Saturday night, April 28; there is more then just Continuum’s :wink:

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Looks cool! Break a leg! I can’t attend but hope if there are videos posted from it that you’ll come back here and update this announcement with URLs so we can all enjoy them. Have fun!!

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Appreciate your words @joe.
I’m sure there will be similar coverage as previous editions; and I’ll gladly update this topic with more news :wink:

Youtube channel (

Oh cool! I’ll maybe come as i work there :slight_smile:

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That’s great to know! World is small sometimes…

So, few words and some photos of my setup at ContinuuCon18:
As planned on paper, no laptop allowed (by me that is; and as few as possible screens on stage to engage audience to follow your actions toward sound manipulation/playing )

Organelle was the “nerve” centre, dealing with all MIDI routings (USB and DIN), sending Program change to “everything”, audio in pass thru/effects and as sound source - sampling playback.:

  • 2 USB hubs - 9 USB devices
  • 2 Axoloti with MTM Axocontrol (sound source)
  • Joué (controller for OG/ HakenContinuum)
  • 2 Vmeter controlling Sostenuto1/2 on Haken Continuum
  • Eventide H9 (exclusive audio coming from Haken Continuum)
  • Keith McMillan SoftStep (various control to axos/OG/ Continuum
  • UM-2G midi DIN interface (to access Continuum ONLY Din MIDI
  • USB-MIDI-USB Sevilhasoft-4port (spare/debug)
    *Wi-Fi stick (just in case…)

Comments from audience was, the diverse sound pallet and even how “modular” this setup was! on the other hand how many “hidden-small-computers”, DSP chips, micro processors there was at my will :wink:
It was great fun all performances thru the night.
Lets wait for all the videos…

edit: Last but least I have to thanks @thetechnobear for all hard work, pushing great ideas into reality, this community and of course @critter for excellent “blue-box-with-wodden-keys” :wink:


Awesome, can’t wait to check out the video! Never heard of the Joue either, looks cool!

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