ContinuuCon at IRCAM-Paris April 26-28, 2018


Spreading the word; everything about Haken Continuum!

On a personal note, fortunate me, myself and my Organelle will also perform Live - concert
Saturday night, April 28; there is more then just Continuum’s :wink:


Looks cool! Break a leg! I can’t attend but hope if there are videos posted from it that you’ll come back here and update this announcement with URLs so we can all enjoy them. Have fun!!


Appreciate your words @joe.
I’m sure there will be similar coverage as previous editions; and I’ll gladly update this topic with more news :wink:

Youtube channel (


Oh cool! I’ll maybe come as i work there :slight_smile:


That’s great to know! World is small sometimes…


So, few words and some photos of my setup at ContinuuCon18:
As planned on paper, no laptop allowed (by me that is; and as few as possible screens on stage to engage audience to follow your actions toward sound manipulation/playing )

Organelle was the “nerve” centre, dealing with all MIDI routings (USB and DIN), sending Program change to “everything”, audio in pass thru/effects and as sound source - sampling playback.:

  • 2 USB hubs - 9 USB devices
  • 2 Axoloti with MTM Axocontrol (sound source)
  • Joué (controller for OG/ HakenContinuum)
  • 2 Vmeter controlling Sostenuto1/2 on Haken Continuum
  • Eventide H9 (exclusive audio coming from Haken Continuum)
  • Keith McMillan SoftStep (various control to axos/OG/ Continuum
  • UM-2G midi DIN interface (to access Continuum ONLY Din MIDI
  • USB-MIDI-USB Sevilhasoft-4port (spare/debug)
    *Wi-Fi stick (just in case…)

Comments from audience was, the diverse sound pallet and even how “modular” this setup was! on the other hand how many “hidden-small-computers”, DSP chips, micro processors there was at my will :wink:
It was great fun all performances thru the night.
Lets wait for all the videos…

edit: Last but least I have to thanks @thetechnobear for all hard work, pushing great ideas into reality, this community and of course @critter for excellent “blue-box-with-wodden-keys” :wink:


Awesome, can’t wait to check out the video! Never heard of the Joue either, looks cool!