Organelle USB Midi and MPC Live as a host

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I’ve just updated my MPC Live to version 2.8 that now handles multi-MIDI, Yeah! As external devices, I have a 0-Coast which I can connect to Midi PIN out of my MPC and it works as expected and I’ve wanted to connect the Organelle as a synth via USB but niether the MPC or the Organelle is recognized. On the MPC Live, there are 3 ports: 2×USB Type-A ports + 1× USB Type-B port. Which one do I have to use and which kind of cable?

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USB Type-B port
so you use the same cable as you would to connect your computer to the MPC.
(so USB-A into organelle- USB B on MPC)

note: this will only work if the MPC is fully USB midi class compliant over that usb port.
( I don’t own an MPC, so don’t know how much about it)

I’ve checked on MPC forums and it seems that when you’re in standalone mode the MPC doesn’t allow the USB type B port to do anything (mount midi, audio, storage, etc…) Some user has had success connecting via one the USB type A port. On the Organelle manual, I’ve read something like:

Please remember that the Type A port is indicative of a USB host*. That is to say, the Organelle is a *host to USB devices like USB-MIDI cables and WiFi adapters. Your computer is also a USB host. You cannot connect two hosts directly together! Do not purchase a special USB A-to-A cable to connnect the Organelle to your DAW. It won’t work and you may damage your Organelle, computer, or both!

Does that means I’m stucked? Why the Organelle won’t allow USB Type A to A cable?

It seems also that both OP-1 and OP-Z are working with that type of connections.

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if you cant use the USB-B, then yes you would need to use something capable of connecting two usb hosts. there are a few around, which have been mentioned on this forum (like this one )

you could also use a usb-midi adapter , connect the organelle and Mpc with this and then use the midi out of organelle to re-route midi from the mpc to the 0-coast

Hi there, I already tried this one, the MIDIMate eX
It works but… normally the 2.8 MPC firmware was supposed to get the USB midi to work but I dunno. All these connections between wifi, bluetooth, midi DIN, minijack, USB is really a bit a mess. I don’t have girl troubles like the Violent femmes song but cables troubles. :wink:

I’ll take a break from there for today and get back with new fresh mind soon.

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