Control EYESY from Ableton Live?

Hi, really loving our EYESY! We’re looking to use it in an installation where everything runs from a laptop, we’re using Ableton Live for midi and audio. We have a M4L plug-in, CCMap8, which should send the CC data out, but can’t find where to send it, if that makes sense? Should there be some way of seeing the EYESY listed in Live’s Midi preferences? Or should we be trying some totally different method?

(If using the USB port on the side) I believe EYESY acts as a USB MIDI Host Device and would require a USB MIDI Host to Host adapter device to receive MIDI from another host like a computer running Ableton Live.

There’s a commercial device available here that does this:

Or I have a DIY project which does the same thing:
If you’re interested in the DIY option DM me for more details.

Otherwise - if you’re using the 1/8in jack for midi, perhaps the adapter you have is the wrong type - See Chapter 3 of the eyesy manual

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I got my Eyesy all hooked up and syncing in Ableton after some messing around. I definitely recommend getting a USB interface and a midi to mini cable adapter.

Check out the chain I’m using in the screenshot, you’ll want to use Ext Instrument to send the MIDI from the M4L out to the unit.

You’ll also see I’ve got mine hooked up to a combination of LFOs and Shaper plugins, makes sync’d animations super easy and cool looking.