Midi from computer to organelle

I know this is a widely covered area, but just to be sure: What kind of device would I need to send midi data from my computer (mac), to the organelle midi-in with the midi-trs type A cable?
I want to send three different midi signals from a puredata made midi sequencer on my mac, to three different modules (or more) in orac/orhack.

would something like this be enough??

Yes, something like the Roland UM-1 and a TRS-MIDI Type A adapter is enough to send MIDI from your computer to the Organelle’s TRS-MIDI input.

If it it isn’t from a reputable brand (such as Roland), there may be some issues with your USB-MIDI cable. Please see this post regarding poor construction/wiring on a similar product:
(thank you @wo3 for the link)

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Thanks a lot for the answer!!