Count 2 5 is now count 26 .009 for Organelle M

count 2 six it’s like one better than 5 N stuff


Will it work on the mark 1?

Yes it was written on the 1 so it should be ok

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work on mine. It seemed to make it malfunction instead. Even with nothing plugged in the patch was making poping sounds, which did not go away after turning the volume knob all the way down. I mean – the patch was making noise audible in the headphones even when the volume was all the way counterclockwise. Is that even possible? And after that, all patches that depend on input sound (samplers, fx, ggranular processors) seem to be recording/prcessing sounds at a very low level (it’s barely audible even at volume maxed out, while the input levels are more than OK).

Any idea what went wrong?


what did you use to feed it audio?

Arturia Microfreak. But the popping sounds that wouldn’t go away started before I turned the Microfreak volume up.

i don’t doubt it. I made a bunch of these to take advantage of the new overhead sorry if i got your hopes up