Crunchy, buzzing sound when using Freeze patches

Hi guys,

New to the Organelle here, purchased used but in excellent condition. I’ve been just acquainting myself with the device, going through patches, playing around with it, etc. I’ve come across an issue I’ve yet to be able to solve, so wanted to reach out to the community here. For some reason, thus far only observed with the Freeze patches (i.e, Freeze Patch & Freeze by Tempo), the Organelle is producing a somewhat harsh, crunchy buzzing tone that is not inherent to the input audio. I have tried different audio sources (guitar & keyboard), different cable configurations (single TS to TS, dual mono to TRS in, and TRS to TRS), and every time this unwanted noise is produced. I’ve got a wav file I was going to upload but it says new users cannot upload? I will try to upload this as soon as the site allows me to.

I would love to know if anyone has any leads for me here.

Thank you!


Do you have the Organelle M or S? If so, do you have the Audio Input Select Switch set to the line input jack?

Hey chrisk - thanks for your reply.

It’s an original Organelle 1, so it seems I do not have this switch. Could this limitation be the problem? Or can I assume this input expects line level only?

What OS is your Organelle running?

It looks like 3.1. Shall I upgrade the OS as a next step here?

Yes, those patches require OS 4.

For new owners of a used instrument, we always recommend updating the OS/reflashing the OS in order to get the OS and patches to the ‘factory’ state.

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Thanks chrisk - that resolved my problem!

Much appreciated,


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