Count to 5 project

so, so good! how does the buffer work? does it record when you input sound over a certain threshold? i have no idea how this patch is working - quite chaotic but beautifully so. would some kind of adsr (or just attack and release) on the sample playback fix the pops and crackling? edit: hmm, not so much popping and crackling now - i must have just inputted a pop! Been feeding my Volca FM to this patch tonight and it’s just been wonderful. Great job man.

i will fix that footswitch for sure.
The footswitch will open the buffer and close it so you have to shut it again and there may be clicks while it’s filling if you are playing back other stream filling their buffers at the same time. I think a fade in/out adsr might be a good idea too. thank you for trying it.

did you plug in a midi clock?

is the footswitch buffer just for mode 1? i get repeats from modes 2 + 3 without engaging the footswitch at all. i did plug in midi clock source and the display changed to reflect this incoming clock, but the repeats didn’t seem to be changing rhythm when i altered the tempo either on the external source or with the external source detached and just using knob 1.
do each of the different modes have an independent bpm or is there just one master bpm thats adjustable on all pages?
used a guitar through it this morning and felt very ‘knobs’. :smiley:

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It should track BPM in Modes two and three

Footswitch starts the buffer in MODE 1 yes. You can record a long buffer and scrub FW/Back

In MODES 2/3 MIDI BPM should control the speed of the slices --it worked for me like a charm
BUT in modes two and three i employed the amplitude based recording that that the user can control to get tiered trippy delays based on amplitude or how much input you are allowing into the MODE the recording input amount is triggered by how much volume you give it so subtleties are possible

in the mean time i created secondwoman which i think is a more sophisticated glitch sampler for the organelle


Hey Pat,

Missed the boat on this one. I got secondwoman a while back, but any chance I can snag the original counttofive patch? It looks like the original got moved/killed.

Either way, thanks as usual for all the blood, sweat and noise!

i think it’s on patchstorage as c25

just beware i think a bunch of these are older menu system and need an update soon!


I’d love to see an updated version of this. I use it all the time!

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Same! This and polybeats are two patches I can sit down with, start up and twist some knobs and hit some buttons and get my foot tapping right from the off. Very inspiring. Do you think this might be back with a couple more presets or features Patrick? Mayyyyybe?

Also, interested to hear how other people use this patch. I mostly use Mode 2 - either to impress my girlfriend with guitar, to make a sequence a bit weirder or just when i don’t have ideas to start with. Sometimes I’ll blend in a bit of Mode 3. I could just not figure out the first mode, or get it into rhythm when i did get it to record.

Was just thinking to myself yesterday how nice it would be to see a polished version of this! Being able to see the knob values right away when you change pages would be a huge plus.

Next week will be the soonest i can tackle this


this is amazing. mode 2 gives crazy delays when playing a guitar through it. the only thing I was wondering is whether the little pops when each slice plays could be smoothed out at all.

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I think this one is ready for a MIDI retrofitting


woohoo! does this mean you can fix the problem with the knobs not displaying their function when you change pages?

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that’s old menu stuff. i will most likely change the menu system too, yes.



I know this was some time ago, but are you planning to work on this patch again?
the display problem after changing pages (mentioned above) and the footswitch also activating the aux button are making this otherwise really great patch not too easy to work with…


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I’d love to see some idea of how to use this. What the keyboard functions are etc?


I just downloaded C25v4 but cannot unzip? Corrupt file?

Scratch that - a changing zip utility worked for me