Count2Five Version 2

This one is almost done. If you have suggestions regarding the count 2 five [within reason] Speak know or until version 3 hold your peace.

Should be done by latest, tomorrow waiting on a few things


Here are my dreams:

Midi metronome Sync with ability to manually trigger it’s clock/effect sound on/off (as was on note 60 in Morphagene4). Really cool for bursts of sound and for syncing accurately with another clock already running.
INPUT GAIN, MONITOR LEVEL, MODE LEVEL on same page would make it easy to get freaky with a single mode at a time.
More presets or ability to create yr own saveable ones.
playback speed in whole units relatable to either bpm or pitch
Mode 1 i never used or could get my head around, but i feel I could if recording time was snapped to divisions or bars and looped like that. Footswitch to record a loop.
Have presets/modes accessible via screen rather than buttons.
I would like it to be done today and to make lasagna just like my mum too. Thanks. :smile:

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the original seemed to click a bit on the output. perhaps this could be solved with some kind of quick fade in then out envelope on the output? maybe like the crown you made for one of the recent drum patches? i’m just guessing.

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How did i forget that! Im sure i remember shree might have mentioned he planned to use that in C25 :slight_smile:

I have solved the clicks issue with a “crown buffer”.

As for MIDI i was wondering if you are a fan of Samuel Beckett? :slight_smile:
Just kidding i just got a pisound so MIDI devel will begin shortly on ALOT of stuff, the pedal Emulations will be priority

HEAVY WATER==emulation of the Shallow Water Pedal
C25==Emulation of the Count to Five
GOP == The First Organelle~ Patch that emulates the Electro Harmonix POG2 Pedal. I made it for a commission and the user is cool with a new version being released to the community

EHPD will be a set of them that emulates their line of pedals, i figured the Pog2 was the most difficult one so i emulated it and i will work backwards from there so to speak


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Yes and the myth of Sisyphus too! Haha.

These all sound great.

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Some cool pedals referenced :slight_smile: Excited for these.

More marvellousness, not least because I sold my CT5 to afford my Organelle :slight_smile:

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Hahaha. Did you ever see the bob Dylan movie “renaldo and Clara” ?

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okay it looks like it will have 8 menu pages with two extra pages of table manipulation
MIDI bpm should be working
And the 3 modes have a few extra bells and whistles


Never seen it! I’ve heard it ain’t no good…
Edit: holy moly this sounds promising!

I AM SO EXCITED! Any chance of there being Organelle versions of the Hologram Electronics pedals?

if you want to send the specs of the one you are interested in link it!

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** (731.5 KB)

Here is a sneak of the C25-2.
AUX buttons fire off stuff and there are a few more info lines to add but it’s starting to sound really nice.

REMEMBER the MODEs are really supposed to be mixed one at a time, and Footswitch will sample 44100/88200/13,
60 will also sample, 83 will start the cycling through stuff
Spent time getting midi bpm to sync, and the Slices working properly an cleaning up Menus

Huge respect to Katja Vetter


There will also be a version for Pisound that will have full MIDI CTL implementation.
I have an AKAI MPK25 that i am reviving for a fun project. Several patches that were just to demanding for organelle sound very nice @ 96000khz

it certainly makes some brilliant sounds. it seems rather complex though. any guidance would be greatly appreciated. (i get the looped sample in mode 1, i understand the 3 mode mixer, but other than that I’m mostly twisting knobs and wondering what’s going on.)

at times i’m still getting some pops when a slice (?) plays, but maybe it’s the settings or maybe it’s unavoidable.

anyway, it’s amazing stuff.

Hi Andy
The sneak preview is for folks who have fooled with it before a how to will follow. A detailed how to will follow after final adjustments . I will say that there are input levels per slice A B C and really only 1 mode should be used at a time. It gets very complex if you are bringing in all modes at one time for sure Also the clean volume and granular volume can be tuned off so you can get a clean unclicky loop by fading volumes in and out and pressing FS will snap between recording lengths.

So try audio input, fading in a b or c while tapping footswitch and then start experimenting

More later