Critter & Guitari Store

Evening everyone!

Just wanted to take a moment to mention this because I can’t seem to find any mention of this on anywhere…

I recently had to send in my Organelle for a repair and despite me loosing my marbles a bit in my desperation the guys were more than helpful so I decided I’d buy a pocket piano since it’s how I first ever heard of these two dudes in New York making these crazy little boxes…

Anyway the store had a listing I’d not seen before “Artists Deal” I wanna say it was called? A plain envelope no description but it was a buck apiece so I got five.

A few days later when everything came back, I received my five plain envelopes and inside each was one black and white C&G sticker and one ETC made postcard!! I couldn’t be happier!
The stickers are pictures taken by the C&G crew (things in the shop, an aquarium? Etc…) and the post cards are ETC generated art.

Pretty damn cool for only a dollar, they even give a puffy envelope to send your postcard out with a cassette or something.

So just a heads up to everyone to check in on the shop now again, might be some more mystery items or more envelopes soon?? Sure hope so these things are nice.
So yeah.


I saw that in the store, good to know what it was!

Just bought an ETC and those envelopes weren’t in stock anymore. Although I have a C&G t-shirt with the speaker design from the Pocket Piano. I’ll gladly sport any merch they make, these are my all time favorite synths.

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I really hope there’s more to come soon