Acknowledgment to Critter & Guitari

Just leaving these lines to explain how WELL treated I’ve been by Critter & Guitari.

My Organelle had a factory problem with the keys ( they got numb within a couple of months) and they sended a new one, while mine was on it’s way too. It just took 9 days to get here. ( NY to Barcelona)

It is not the most common that people are so considerate and professional, a pleasure to deal with you. And now, my Organelle has that fast sensitivity on the keys again!
Thank you so much!


Same here @anttumad! Doubleganelle :smiley: Counting myself very lucky and appreciative. Stellar service, clearly a musical factory driven by creativity and kinship not just money. Big up Critter and Guitari!

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Yeah I wanna thank C&G too, I bought one piece of gear but have received so so much more. Really an outstanding company.