Custom Midi Channel Input

Hello all

i would like to know how could i configure only few midi inputs in the sh file

i would like the organelle checking input only from channel 1 to 8 and not receiving from all the others channels.
i tried many things with oscsend localhost 4000 /midiInCh i but could figure out how to add more than one midi channel listening (but not omni)

ps i checked but didnt find any answers…

Midi channel behavior has to be done in patches.
The only ‘system’ level one is the one you’ve already found in mother.pd and is for a single midi channel.

You could create your own mother.pd if you wanted Omni but limited to ch 1-8

can i access this file on the usb drive or sdcard? i dont have any hdmi screen and any rtc compatible card (yet)
i have access to the ORAC’s mother.pd but didnt find any mother.pd on the sdcard and i dont really understand how to do in on ORAC yet, same for migrating patch to ORAC, it is really painfull when there is not realtime debug interface)

it weird that oscsend cannot set multiple ports in any way, and overwrite its own after multiple calls (it is not the case with aconnect)

your confusing quite a few different things…

the above post you linked to, basically was describing how to connect multiple midi devices,
and connect them together - this is something that can be done at the alsa (operating system) level. alsa does not do any midi filtering - it expects an application to do it.

oscsend - does not deal with midi at all, its sending a message to the patch to say what midi channel to listen on - so it depends how that patch is written, to how it will respond to a message.
(you can make no assumptions about this at all - its not weird, its just the way its done)

Orac is completely different again, this is a very specific patch.
and in Orac I have pretty advanced midi handling, e.g. you can use different midi channels per ‘chain’

‘migrating a patch to orac’ it needs be converted to a module, this ive covered in my video e.g. here , but really you will need to have a firm grasp of the Organelle and Orac before id recommend you consider this.

frankly, like anything you need the proper tools - otherwise things are difficult…
if you want to do PD development, either you should have an HDMI monitor , or a network card so you can use VNC.
how else you think it should be done , i cannot imagine (and im a pretty imaginative developer :wink: )

what are you trying to do exactly? what are you going to do with 8 different channels?

i want to do many things :smiley:

  • migrating this patch ( to Orac (following your video ofc :slight_smile: ), after a late night on a hdmi friend’s tv i gave up and since didnt have the opportunity to continue/success
  • i want to just to make the organelle listening custom midi channels for example 1 to 8 but not the others this is why i tried with oscsend (because i could manage migrating the patch to manage the midi channel selection in Orac)

i hope it is clear, let me know

to do what?
do you want a different synth on each midi channel? why do you need 8 channels rather than 1?

if its because you want a different synth on each channel or something, then you can do this in Orac, but you’ll need to create a ‘custom router’, since in Orac 2.0, there is only one with 3 chains, and you’ll need 8, its not a difficult thing to do though.
BUT be careful, 8 synths could take a lot of processing, perhaps too much for the Organelle unless they are simple - so manage your expectations :wink:

if however, its something due to a quirk of your sequencer - e.g. like you are getting triggers for a single sample on but they are on different midi channels, then this is best done with a custom ‘utility’ module.

thats why I ask, different use-cases have different solutions,
it all depends what you want to do differently on each midi channel.

i want to use the previous quoted patch with opz sequencing (as drum machine. The opz send each tracks on a separate midi channel (track 1 on channel 1, etc) and use only the only first 8 tracks (so 8 first midi channels), and keep the others channels to seq others synth on the same midi network

but that synth only uses 1 midi channel…
why would you need to give it 8 midi channels?

are you not able to tell the op-z to what midi channel to use for each track?
e.g. tell it to use ch1 for tracks 1-8?
or why not just do all the sequencing for that synth on one track on the op-z?
(I assume it can do polyphonic sequencing - no?)

anyway, the answer to your question is, if your modifying that patch anyway,
then just convert it to using [notein]…
you can then either
a) use 8 [notein] with channel number 1-8, and route as you wish
b) use 1 [notein] without channel number, but take this into [spigot] , and then use channel number from [notein] -> [ < 9] -> [spigot] (second inlet)
the means that the gate is open only for ch 1 -8