Damper / Sustain Pedal confussion

For some reason I can’t find a relevant info here. I’m struggling to setup Organelle with an external digital piano connected via MIDI. Keys trigger correct notes but the sustain/damper pedal (which is connected to the digital piano) does not work as expected, it does nothing. I checked both polarity settings of the pedal itself but it does not make a difference.

Is it possible to use Organelle M this way? The sustain/damper pedal of my digital piano works correctly when connected to any other MIDI instrument or DAW.

Can anyone help with this?

To confirm, you want the digital piano’s pedal to sustain notes on the Organelle? or for the pedal to do something else on the Organelle?

Yes, I want the pedal to sustain notes when Organelle is controlled by external keyboard (digital piano) and the pedal connected to that piano. Just the regular damper/sustain pedal function (without any fancy half-pedal options necessarily, just the basic on/off sustain). Thanks.