Degradation of audio with certain patches

Hey gang,

any notable degradation of audio quality with certain patches?

Maybe all in my mind, but audio does sound a little “thinner” after pushing it through some of the Organelle’s granular processors - as great as they are.


Which specific patches?

Many of the patches that morph samples. So, Nori grains, Grainstorm, Euclidiean Rhythms etc.
Have you encountered the same?

(Maybe it’s an unavoidable side-effect of warping/morphing samples in general, not only with the above-mentioned patches?)

@mike - you might be hearing the compressor kick in. This prevents the audio from clipping. This thread covers the topic pretty well:

Thanks Chrisk. I wouldn’t say it was compression ducking the volume or anything, more a general “lossy/thinner” sound. But like I say, maybe all in my mind. Wouldn’t be the first time :wink:

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