Weird clipping/distortion

Hello everyone,

Lately my organelle has been making a very annoying clipping and distortion noise on various patches. This just happened, for example, on the additive synth patch played at low volume - I play a chord…everything sounds good…play another chord…and distortion. The same thing happens when I’m using it to as an audio processor for effects. Even when I have the input volume low - sometimes barely audible - there is a strange distortion. I was using Nori Grains this morning with a 0-coast as the audio input and the distortion was present on every note. I mostly use orac for sequencing and effects. It usually isn’t a problem, but every now and then the distortion makes an appearance and doesn’t go away until I restart the Organelle.

I can’t make sense of the problem, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have to do with input levels since I never have them too high - I use the line out from 0-coast which shouldn’t create any issues for voltage, I think. Also, since the distortion occurs with synth patches I’m pretty sure it isn’t from any incoming audio signals.

I’m not too experienced with these type of devices and the technical problems that arise therein. I’ve only been experimenting with these devices for a few of months.

Thanks for any ideas and feedback!

Do you get this on the speaker and through headphones?

Are there any other devices connected to your Organelle? Are they being powered via USB port?

I mostly use headphones lately but it has happened over speakers as well.

I only connect a 0-Coast over TRS-midi which is powered externally.

Can you email us a video of the distortion please: C&G Contact