Do you get different (worse/less volume) sound running things through your organelle?

Hey y’all,

I have been messing around with a set-up with my Alesis Samplepad → Organelle for processing. When I do this (even with e.g. FX-13 set on straight Pass Thru) my audio output is of significantly worse quality then when I run straight into an amp with my pad. It is quieter and is missing some frequencies especially in the low end.

I had to send my Organelle in a while ago for a volume issue which seems to be resolved but I am not sure what is going on now. Support said the original problem may have been due to a transient phantom power situation when I was running straight into a board (stayed away from XLR into the Organelle since then), so maybe something got messed up with the output as well? If it is just an issue with the output is that an easy fix? I am not comfortable with soldering and stuff but I have friends that I am sure could handle that if it is do-able.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks

I should say that with my headphone jack this doesn’t seem to be an issue which is leading me towards the output jack theory.

It may be related to the compressor settings. More here:

@ToadYolo what Organelle OS version are you running (Settings menu → Info)? The output compressor is removed on the more recent OS versions.

Hi there, not the OP, but curious about this.

What versions have the compressor removed? Was it removed to deal with the sound quality issues described in that thread?


The compressor was never included on any version of the Organelle M. On the Organelle 1 it is removed in the latest OS version 4.0 (Feb 2020).

The compressor was really a safety measure in case a patch was outputting massively large or exploding levels, but we found it really wasn’t necessary and probably affected regular level audio, so we removed it.

Thanks for the info! I have the Organelle M.

I wonder if the person who was concerned about the general sound in that other thread would no longer have an issue with it. Either way, I like how things are sounding for me!

I have an Organelle M which I purchased just this year so I am pretty sure the compressor isn’t the issue.

Ok resurrecting this with some audio examples. This is a direct comparison of what my Alesis Samplepad sounds like running straight into my computer vs. through the Organelle M. The Organelle is on FX-13, doing a straight pass-thru. Organelle is on max volume, no settings were changed on the computer.

What type of audio cable are you using to connect the Alesis Samplepad to Organelle M?

What type of audio cable are you using to connect the Organelle M to your computer?

If either of these are balanced cables it would result in a muted sound as you provided.

Without knowing more specifics re: Samplepad version, make/model of your audio interface, etc., it will be hard to help determine what is going on…

Both cables are 1/4" unbalanced.

This is the samplepad.. It has separate left and right 1/4" outs to get a stereo signal but I am just doing mono out right now with one cable.

Honestly don’t know the make and model of the audio interface off the top of my head but I can check when I get home. I get the same issue when I plug straight into an amp so I don’t think that is the problem but I would be happy to provide that info when I can.

Thanks again!

Interface is Presonus Quantum 26 x 32 and I am going through a passive DI box (ULTRA-DI DI400P). Again I am not sure this is the issue though because I get this same sound when I go straight into an amp. If there are any other tests that might help diagnose what is going on let me know.