Audio is distorted in combination with a DAW


I want to use the Organelle as an effects processor and connect it per Audio In & Out with my Computer.
This is a graphic I’ve made to show you the setup:

I use the External Audio Effect Plug-In in Ableton to hear both incoming and outcoming signals.

Now when I select an effect in the Organelle (for example “FX-13”), the sounds or samples that I play back in Ableton always sound distorted.

What can the reason be for that? Did I overlook something in my configuration?

I would be very thankful for your help! :slight_smile:

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Have you checked the incoming signal levels on the organelle? The returned signal coming back from your soundcard might be too high.

Thanks for the reply.
I’ve checked the incoming levels on the Organelle with minimum volume and the input knob on my soundcard is totally turned down. Nevertheless the sound is distorted.

Is the distortion coming from an audio feedback loop? Or does your setup allow you to send only ‘clean’ audio from Ableton to Organelle M.

Is the distortion just the patch working…i.e. FX-13 adding its effects to your sound?

check that you’re not monitoring in directly from the audio interface AND thru ableton (via external effect).

(most audio interfaces allow you to do direct monitoring to reduce latency, but you’ll get a phasing effect if you use this AND you also monitor via a daw)

It’s not just a sample rate/ASIO settings issue with the audio interface is it?

Hey @ztok

I have been trying to use my Organelle as an effect, a bit like you do here. Though I tried using it as a master effect, as a master looper, not as a send effect, I get about the same as you do, distorted, thin sound, when sending it fairly high db level sound. It just didn’t sound good at all.

So I kind of gave up on using it like that.

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Thanks for all your help!
I’ve found out, where the problem was:
I turned down the output in the External Audio Effects Plug-In to ca. - 24db and voilà: the sound was clean and clear.
It was that easy :wink:


Thanks for adding your solution man, i plan on using my organelle this way too. Glad to hear it works alright after all!

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