Does my MIDI pocket piano send or receive tempo information


I’m trying to get it to set or receive the tempo from Ableton or Logic but can do neither :frowning:

Any ideas greatly appreciated. I’ve read everything I could find but I’m still none the wiser.

Thanks in advance.



Yes the Pocket Piano MIDI can send or receive MIDI Clock when set to modes with a Rate knob. This is covered on page 2 of the manual:

If it isn’t working are you sure that you have connected to the correct MIDI port on the PP?


Yeah I thought as much. I read the manual.
I can’t seem to get it to either send the clock or receive the clock. I have it plugged in correctly, I believe.

I have my “midi man” usb interface set to USB/Merge instead of passthrough.

Here are some of my settings; does anything look obviously wrong?


NVM. I think what was happening is that it wasn’t sending the clock without me playing the track. Which is me being a dummy. \


so it’s working?


It is indeed :wink: :slight_smile: