MIDI Clock With Looper Compatibility

Hi! I have owned the Pocket Piano MIDI for a couple of years now. However, I have only recently decided to utilize its ability to sync via midi with other sources, in this case, a looper. I noticed an issue where the rate at which the looper was monitoring the quarter notes was different than the rate at which the piano was displaying. I have experimented with this on both the Ditto X4 looper and now the Boomerang Phrase Sampler III, so I know that the looper is not at fault. My question is what are some potential causes for this difference in rate? Could it be the cord I’m using, or some glitch in the functionality of the piano itself? Please help!


I’m not familiar with either of the Boomerang III or the Ditto X4. I see that they both have MIDI inputs, but I can’t determine how they display incoming quarter note rate, or what it is used for (loop length??). What is the difference in rate you notice? The Pocket Piano MIDI only sends MIDI clock in arpeggiating modes (yellow, green, teal and purple modes)…