Edit: Do not power an Organelle-1 from the Usb port of the Organelle-M?

Edit: Dont do it.

So I pulled the trigger and bought an Organelle M to be the friend of my Organelle 1, yay!
One idea I was toying with was, with a usb step up thingy from 5v to 9v, could you actually power the Organelle 1 from the usb port on the Organelle M? Or is there not enough juice in there, a bad idea and it is much better to get a battery bank, or of course do this.

This is not recommended… The Organelle 1 requires more power than USB can provide.

Thanks! Case closed

I have discovered this the hard way trying to power a midi interface like this one:

from the usb port of my organelle-1 and it failed miserably at booting correctly and/or functioning correctly. The midi interface and the wifi connetor seem to take too much juice from the usb port. I had to resort to a powered usb hub to solve the issue.

That’s surprising @pt3r. I regularly run a squarp pyramid and a WiFi dongle directly off the organellle.

The 5v-9v need to be run of banks, chargers or usb ‘charging’ ports (2.1A) for organelle- as needs around 10w.

It could of course also be that the euro power supply that was supplied with my organelle is not powerful enough, I swapped it out for a 1spot power supply with a ploarity inverter. I will try again to run an unpowered hub but I have no high hopes.