Powering instruments via USB from battery powered Organelle-M, midi routing

Hi Organelle fans and developers,

have been lurking here from time to time in the past, the Organelle is certainly a cool device! Now with the new Organelle-M with batteries and speaker, things get really interesting for me - looks great for mobility!

Some questions:
a) If I connect a MIDI class compliant instrument (like the Linnstrument) and a MIDI class compliant synth (like the ContinuuMini), can I use the Organelle to route MIDI from one to the other?
b) Can a battery powered Organelle power two USB instruments like Linnstrument and ContinuuMini? And how long would such a combo last?
c) Do the USB host ports of the Organelle support usb hubs? So could I also attach four Sensel Morphs instead of the Linnstrument (the Morphs come with their own battery, so the Organelle would only have to power the hub).

Thanks - have a great sunday everybody!

ive replied to you elsewhere :slight_smile:
but… will reply here, as it may be useful for others.
a) yes works fine , as long as they are USB midi class compliant midi devices
b) depends on the total current requirement, not sure of the limits, but id say in total you don’t want to be above 500-600mA
ive been using some quite high current devices, with no issues
(tends to be devices with lots of pad, and big leds that have large current requirements)
c) yup usb hubs are fine, so if your devices draw too much current you can use a powered hub

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Thank you @thetechnobear - sounds good! Will have to see how much the devices I plan to connect will draw then. (E.g. the Morphs got a mode with the latest firmware where they don’t draw power via USB at all, only via their internal battery. So perhaps these and ContinuuMini would still be in the cards).

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