Speaker and battery backpack for original Organelle

I’m releasing my design for a rechargeable battery and speaker attachment for the original Organelle. So now all of us that own the older version can also join in on the portable fun.

You can see a good-enough video of how it’s attached and functions on YouTube. Below are pictures showing it as well.

It works great and the battery pack I’m using has 10000 mAh, so there’s no need to recharge for days. Admittedly there are a couple of minor flaws and updates I want to make, but that’s really just for finesse. Everything in the repo is what I’ve used in the video and photos below.

The base is designed to be 3D printed and only adds an overall 19mm ( 3/4 inches ) to the height of the Organelle. Within the GitHub repo there are all the necessary files you would need to 3D print your own, as well as a BOM for all the pieces (total of ~$33).



Nicely done - Thanks for sharing this!

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Wow! This looks great! Only thing missing would be a powered USB hub in there as well hehe!

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How is the volume on that speaker? This looks really great and an awesome way to attach to the original!

This is awesome - And cheaper than a new organelle :smiley: Great work

@wo3 I didn’t measure the performance of the speaker but I find it plenty loud enough to play in the house and outside, but for sure not as good or loud as what’s in the Organelle M.

Unfortunately there isn’t a spec sheet for the particular speaker I’m using. However, compared to a similar-ish speaker the performance is listed as 72.39dB @ 1W/1m.