EDIT: SOLVED - Upload patches - problems with refresh button


New Organelle M owner here.
I have just uploaded my first patches to the Organelle via WIFI using AP mode, following the instructions in the manual. I have also created a new folder and moved some of those patches there without problems.

Suddenly the refresh button will not work as expected and I cannot see the INSTALL NEW PATCH.ZIP in the Organelle. I have read around this forum, tried reboot, another browser and incognito mode without luck.

I can see some kind of response in the Organelle when I click on refresh but no new files in it?

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT - SOLVED: user error, I wasn’t in the right location. Patches have to be uploaded to SD Card / Patches
Leaving this here for future reference.

Now I’m going to try setting up ORAC :fearful: