Please help a nooob upload patches

I needtroubleshooting help.
I’ve successfully connected to my organelle using the AP network and connected to Organelle M and Launced Patch Manager. (I know because I accidentally deleted all patches) :unamused:
I’ve followed the download instructions step by step.
When I hit reload after trying to download a patch the instructions says: Next click the Refresh Button on the top right of the Patch Manager. Now on the Organells’s Patch Menu you should see Install [Patch name].zip (or .zop). For example, after uploading a patch named ‘New Patch’ in .zip format you should see:

I hit refresh
Nothing happens on the Organelle M.
I do not see Install [Patch name].zip* on Organelle.
I hit reload on Organelle, still nothing.

Help I cant download new patches and ALL MY STOCK PATCHES ARE GONE cuz I deleted them by accident

Hi - just replied to your email to us.