Org M can't find patches on USB

Hello - I have a new Organelle M running version 4 OS. My USB drive is formatted to FAT file system and I have Patch folder as root directory. When I ask Organelle to reload, it says No Patches Found!.

Everything works fine from SD card. This is frustrating to not be able to use USB.

Please assist thank you.

Oops that was a typo - root folder is “Patches” as instructed

Sorry to hear this. Can you post a screenshot of the contents of the Patches folder?

Hi thanks for reply
Here’s what I have:

Hi - the image did not show up for some reason…

oops sorry didn’t work on my phone - here it is

Thanks - so the only folder in Patches is ‘Strings’ correct? Does Strings have a main.pd file inside it?

No, it’s the whole list of folders (left side of screen) - light cycles, pico studio etc

They all have main pd

they look zipped. are they unzipped?

They are zipped - I saw in manual it is preferable to let the organelle do the extraction, correct?
But I also tried extracting them onto the usb drive first and that didn’t work either

Yes, that’s correct.

I wonder if the Patches folder has a space before the ‘P’ or after the ‘s’. Can you check?

No spaces!

Hi confirming there are no spaces in the Patches folder name. Thoughts on next steps?

when you load the USB drive onto the Organelle-M,
if you start wifi and patch manager, can it see the usb drive, and its contents?

this would help isolate if the organelle-m is able to load the usb drive, e.g. correctly formatted etc.

Hi @thetechnobear, thanks for your help. @SonarBk and I have been PM’ing about this. @SonarBk can edit the contents of the drive using the Web Interface, but we still have not figured out why the Patches folder is not being displayed on the OLED. Will report back.

I think this due to the drive being formatted in exFAT. @thetechnobear pointed out this problem a while back, the scan function in the menu program doesn’t deal with exFAT, which would explain why it is working on the web interface but not in the Organelle menu. If possible try formatting the drive to regular FAT (or FAT32 it might be called).

Yes, that was it! Thank you for the help!!!
The manual is clear about FAT file system but seems like it would be good to specify FAT32 rather than exFAT. (I couldn’t format it as FAT32 from the drop down menu in Windows and had to use a separate tool, I’m not super techy and it wouldn’t have occurred to me to try this without the suggestion)