Editing a Patch to do Another Function

I found this code in another section of this forum and I would to know the process is for editing this into existing patches in order to allow an instrument signal to bypass. Do I open the code of the patch on Windows using note pad to edit it or is more advanced software required? Do I edit the code in note pad? Where in the code for the patch that I want to edit do I paste the code of the function I want to add? Would it be done at the end of the patch?

There are two ways to edit patches using the Organelle:

  1. You can use a monitor, USB Mouse & Keyboard as shown here:
    Organelle Patching Tutorial Videos

  2. You can edit patches remotely using VNC: https://www.critterandguitari.com/manual?m=Organelle_M_Manual#72-editing-patches-remotely

Once you are editing, just add the four objects shown below to the main.pd file of the patch. They can be anywhere in the main.pd file.