Editor console not working?

Hey, I just picked up my Eyesy a few days ago, however I’ve noticed that the console window on the editor doesn’t seem to work for me for some reason. The print function doesn’t print anything to it. Does anyone have any idea why?

Hi - this was a bug that was fixed in OS 2.2.
Here are instructions to download new OS and update: EYESY Manual.

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Thanks a bunch

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Alright, so I installed the update successfully, however the console still isn’t responding to the print command? It prints the “connected to websocket server” message and nothing else

edit: nevermind, I’ve got it working lol

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Did you have to do anything? I’m going to check my OS, but was there something else you had to do?

The way I got it working, was I would duplicate the tab I had open, and then the console in the second tab was working properly